Rip Oak White AC5 12mm


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Rip Oak White’s silky light colour creates a harmonious interior. The distinct wood grain floor panels convey a touch of tradition and elegance.

ROBUSTO is the latest addition to the trusted Kronotex laminate flooring range . This collection is the number one choice when it comes to load-bearing commercial flooring that will stand the test of time, no matter the footfall.

Made with a high-density 12mm thick construction and utilising a Clic system which was developed to withstand peak loads over time, ROBUSTO  laminate floors will take all the daily demands and more, ensuring a long-life solution for your commercial or residential environment.

ROBUSTO combines technical strength and reliability, with beauty and great looks thanks to the stunning surface textures and decor colours available in the range.

Pack Size 1.293

Price Per M2